We offer a wide range of services for researchers and developers of lab-based and rapid point-of-care assays.

Employing our EpitoPrediktTM and EpitoGen® platforms, our team can help with everything you need, from identifying suitable protein targets and antibody development to designing the most effective diagnostic assays.


Our proprietary technologies offer multi-protein and multi-epitope approach for the development of specific antibodies for difficult candidates. The multi-epitope approach, especially with the our EpitoGen platform's capacity to present large number of epitopes (range of sizes) in their native conformation, provides a significant advantage over existing antibody development platforms.


Our team has successfully produced hundreds of active biomolecules for clients. We also have expertise in the production of highly specific and well-characterized reagents. Our portfolio includes cytokines, flagellins, enzymes, and antimicrobial peptides. We also offer recombinant protein production (E.coli) as well as in vitro activity evaluation assays.


As part of our commitment to supporting the scientific community, we offer a complete service package for accurately evaluating antibody specificity and suitability for immunohistochemistry. The characterisation process is performed using multi-tissue microarray, which is also ideally suited for cancer biomarkers discovery.


Epitope mapping is instrumental in the development of therapeutic antibodies, vaccines, and serology products. We provide various epitope mapping services by employing our proprietary platforms, EpitoPrediktTM and EpitoGen®, to identify and validate the immunogenic signatures of relevant targets.


Our expertise in epitope mapping alongside the multiplexing capability of our EpitoGen® platform has enabled us to develop epitope-based serology tests which offer higher accuracy and affordability compared with existing products. We can also tailor our proprietary platform to identify epitopes that elicit an autoimmune response to facilitate the production of more effective tests for allergies.


The application of epitope-based vaccines against various infections has shown encouraging results. Our software can identify antigens/epitopes that trigger B-cell, CTL, and HTL immune responses, and our EpitoGen® is used to multiplex and display selected epitopes as one complex to facilitate the development of protective vaccines.


Directed evolution is a method employed in protein engineering where proteins are steered towards user-defined properties. This process consists of subjecting a gene to iterative rounds of mutagenesis untill the gene acquires or loses the desired properties/functions. Our proprietary technologies offer the ideal solution for such objective.


Our team provides protein services within a wide range of R&D projects. We can generate mutant libraries from high throughput screening to select for desired properties, which include boosting expression yield and stability, reducing/increasing immunogenicity, and enhancing binding affinity to ligands.