Serodiagnostic assay development

Immunodominance is an immunological phenomenon where only a few epitopes dominate the immune response.

Identification of immunodominant epitopes is vital in developing accurate serology tests. Our proprietary technologies, EpitoPrediktTM and EpitoGen®, are ideally placed to deliver such assays. EpitoPrediktTM can identify immunodominant epitopes for the major immunoglobulin classes (IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD and IgE), and our EpitoGen® technology provides the platform needed to multiplex epitopes and create a chimeric antigen which forms the basis for sensitive and accurate serology testing.

Our platform offers various key advantages:
Directional immobilisation of antigens – the EpitoGen® scaffold is bioengineered to bind preferentially to ELISA plate surfaces and gold nanoparticles, which boosts sensitivity by ensuring the displayed epitopes are displayed in the correct orientation.
Immunodominant epitopes – focusing on immunodominant elements enriches the positive signal and increase assay performance.
A multiplexing platform – up to 50 epitopes can be complexed and displayed on the EpitoGen® scaffold thereby increasing the sensitivity of the assay and counterbalancing the heterogeneity of the immune response at the population level.
Inclusion of prevalent mutations –prevalent mutations can be incorporated into the test, maintaining the diagnostic performance of the assay.

Maximum specificity – specificity ensured by the identification and exclusion of cross-reactive epitopes.
Affordability – the EpitoGen® platform exploits a prokaryotic system with a 99% efficiency rate, which reduces cost.

Serodiagnostic assay development workflow