Lateral Flow

The use of global lateral flow assay (LFA) in point-of-care diagnostics is gaining significant traction, driving growth of the market.

Despite the many associated advantages of LFAs, they still suffer from low sensitivity and reproducibility, hindering their adoption in clinical settings.

Our proprietary EpitoGen® Technology overcomes existing technical limitations. The EpitoGen® scaffold base is bioengineered to bind to gold nanoparticles with high affinity, which facilitates strong binding to testing surfaces, ensuring antigens/nanobodies are displayed in the correct orientation.

EpitoGen® Solutions-Antigen Testing

Directionality improves sensitivity and reproducibility

EpitoGen® Solutions-Nanobody Display

Nanobodies’ small size is potentially revolutionary in applications such as therapeutics. However, their small size has hampered their use in rapid diagnostic testing. Our EpitoGen® platform provides the framework structure to display nanobodies in a stable manner and in the correct orientation, thereby driving their use in lateral flow formats.

EpitoGen® Solutions-Serology Testing

EpitoGen® technology will transform serology LFA  through:

  • Inclusion of immunodominant epitopes improves sensitivity
  • Multiplexing capacity (up to 100 epitopes) enhances accuracy and overcomes population heterogeneity
  • The High binding properties of the EpitoGen® scaffold to gold nanoparticles provide correct orientation and strong binding affinity
  • Standardisation of the process of LFA development
  • High yield and stability- lower production costs