Epitope mapping

Our proprietary technologies, EpitoPrediktTM and EpitoGen®, are ideal for epitope mapping.

Finding the correct epitope candidates is essential for the successful development of serological assays, vaccines, and diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies. Our epitope mapping service can also be used to identify targets with little or no immunoreactivity.

By combining our AI solutions with our EpitoGen® technology, we can provide a unique platform that allow us to define both linear and conformational, epitopes accurately in a cost-effective and high throughput manner.

Immunodominant epitopes are screened in silico and in vivo for all the major immunoglobulin classes.

After the targets of interest are screened for immunogenic signatures through our AI software, the selected epitope “hot spots” undergo advanced in silico screening using the EpitoGen® technology. Then, the in vitro data is fed back into the EpitoPrediktTM software to refine the selection models, before the desired epitopes are accurately identified.

Our platform offers key advantages:
Flexibility – short linear (>5 amino acids) to large conformational epitopes (<600 amino acids) can be displayed on the scaffold system.
Accuracy – The EpitoGen® scaffold presents the epitope complex in its native conformation and correct orientation.

Our service combines in silico screening with in vitro validation which facilitate high throughput testing, maximum data output and reproducibility.

Epitope mapping workflow