Vaccine development

The application of an epitope-based vaccination strategy to combat various infections has shown encouraging results by stimulating both protective cellular and humoral immunity.

These types of vaccines use multiple epitopes to increase their efficacy. This means our proprietary technologies, EpitoPrediktTM and EpitoGen®, constitute the ideal platform for the effective discovery, screening, and delivery of epitope-based vaccines. EpitoPrediktTM  identifies immunodominant B-cell and T-cell epitopes, whilst EpitoGen® provides a platform for multiplexing and delivering vaccines. The combination of both technologies is an indispensable tool for the development of more effective vaccines.

Our platform offers certain key advantages:
Accurate epitope determination – accurate identification of B-cell and T-cell immunodominant epitopes to confer protective immunity. This includes IgA immunodominant epitopes facilitating the development of oral vaccines.
Multiplexing platform – up to 50 epitopes can be complexed and displayed on the EpitoGen® scaffold, thereby increasing vaccine efficiency.
Inclusion of multiple strains – using the EpitoGen® scaffold, multiple strains can be incorporated into the vaccine to boost its performance.
Affordability – the EpitoGen® display platform uses a prokaryotic system which is cost-effective.

Vaccine development workflow