Antibody development

As part of our commitment to the scientific community, we offer HIGH QUALITY antibodies for the following applications: IHC, WB, IP, IF and ELISA.

Our proprietary technologies, EpitoPrediktTM and EpitoGen®, are key to providing high-quality antibodies. The EpitoPrediktTM software screens targets to identify antigenic regions, which are then synthesized and displayed on our EpitoGen® scaffold to be used for generating antibodies. EpitoGen® also provides a unique method for fast-tracking the screening process to ensure an efficient identification of desired clones.

Our platform’s key advantages include:

  • Flexibility – multiple epitopes with a wide range of lengths (5 to 600 amino acids) can be expressed and used for immunisation.
  • High success rates and specific antibodies – epitopes displayed on our EpitoGen® scaffold are presented in the correct conformation.
  • High throughput and cost-effective screening process for the desired clones.
  • Suitable to develop antibodies against multiple candidates simultaneously.


Check out our product catalogue at Vertebrate Antibodies LTD and Ximbio.

Antibody development workflow