Protein evolution

We offer our customers progressive strategies for protein engineering, which include library design and customisable selection strategies.

The determining factors for evolutionary strategies are the design and quality of the library, the method employed for evolution, and the screening method. Correspondingly, our service includes library construction, optimal DNA shuffling methods and an EpitoGen® based screening strategy to select mutants with desirable characteristics, these include but is not limited to, protein folding, thermo-stability, shelf-life, aggregation, enzyme activity, and binding properties. This is why our EpitoGen® technology provides the ideal platform for high throughput screening of this kind.

Our protein evolution service includes:

  • Identifying the best strategy to evolve the proteins (random, rational, or combined approach).
  • Cloning, expression and purification of the proteins.
  • Design and generation of mutant libraries.
  • A high-throughput and affordable screening assay for desired protein activities.
  • Characterisation of the best-performing variants (i.e. kinetic properties, stability etc.).

Protein evolution workflow