Point-of-care and screening tests for early detection of Type 1 Diabetes

EpitogenX is delighted to announce the launch of an Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between our subsidiary, Vertebrate Antibodies, and Professor Professor Mirela Delibegovic and Dr Nimesh Mody of Aberdeen Cardiovascular and Diabetes Centre at the University of Aberdeen. This initiative reflects our shared commitment to fostering innovation with a specific focus on the development of advanced diabetes diagnostic solutions.

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is often diagnosed too late and normally once the patient is hospitalised due to diabetic ketoacidosis coma, which can be life threatening and also lead to damage in the body.  Currently, there are no screening tests in the UK despite the fact that early diagnosis could help identify early-stage T1D before the onset of severe symptoms and coma, so that a monitoring plan can be developed or potential prevention therapies can be tested more rapidly. Multiple autoantibodies tests are required for diagnosis, often all performed in different hospitals, making the diagnostic process lengthy, complex and expensive.

Our collaboration aims to improve and expedite testing, establishing a new standard in diabetes diagnosis.

The project, facilitated by the University of Aberdeen, will focus on the following key objectives:

  • Pre-symptomatic screening: Develop an accurate laboratory-based one-step test system to screen pre-symptomatic individuals and in particular those in a higher risk category.
  • Differential testing: Develop a rapid point-of-care diagnostic test, allowing differentiation of diabetes subtypes in symptomatic cases.
  • Aid the monitoring and treatment choices, and prognosis.

Ultimately, the tests will use affordable technology easily used in basic laboratories, GP practises, pharmacies, and hospital outpatient clinics. These tests will result in assured decision-making and efficient resource utilization.

We are confident that this partnership will not only yield significant benefits for both EpitogenX and the University of Aberdeen, but also make a profound impact on healthcare and improve prospects of those affected by this condition.

For more information about this exciting KTP project, collaboration opportunities, or details about our diabetes diagnostic research, please contact us; info@epitogenx.com.